Internet cookies

After work in information technology. I've been telling a lot of colleagues. Try to open an incognito window and log in again, or guide them on how to clear the browser cache. I remember I saw a lot of people saved their password on the browser and when they try to log in. in the password input area. All we can see is small dots. No one knows what's behind the dot without clicking it and confirming. Browsers try to be "helpful" and created a password for you. In the end. This process make user don't even know what the password is. Those small pieces of data - like a username and password automatically saved for you. Lead to you have to keep that same browser on your phone. Bitwarden is better solution to get rid of all those cookies. Means you can make more strong password and update it by yourself. Convenient and safety we can only choose one at most time when come to our life. Same as information technology. After I clear all the cookies after closing the browser. I realized that means I have to enter username, password. 2FA every time I log in.

The third party cookies can track you. That's why privacy badger come up. Saving cookies can be very convenient, but it's not the safest way. At least don't save your password on a browser and clear your cookies often. Thank you for reading.