About My Feet Skin

When I was a kid, I had some skin problem on my hand and also on my feet if I remember correctly. I remmember every friday when i come back from school for the weekend i would use the hot water to wash my feet and it felt so good. my feet was very ichy and the hot water on my skin made all the itchy feeling went away. i still remember the moment when my feet was in the hot water the feeling went to my head, it made want to pee sometimes. After i graduated from school and my feet skin problem didn't go away. for a while i didn't wear socks because i didn't take care of myself. my mother gave me some medicine to put in the hot water to make my feet better. this problem continued to happen until recently i went to the doctor. The medcine they gave me cost around 300$ without insurance. but it's getting better now. i just need to keep using the medcine. i remember this morning when i saw the feet doctor, she asked me is the medcine still good or need more. i didn't tell her maybe need more because it's so expensive. I set an alarm clock for every night at 10, I put medicine on my feet, so my next appointment my feet will be totally recovered. I was surprised that it took so many years to solve this problem. I guess when I was in China I was in the survival mode, I didn't have money to take care of it. now my life is better.